Hey Mogul Millennial!

If you're a small business trying to make a difference by increasing your philanthropic efforts but don't know how, then this article is for you!

The team at HQ Beyhive and H-Town Hottie just released an incredible song aimed at—yes making us dance—but more importantly, funding a charity called Bread of Life's COVID-19 efforts.

The marketing and management of this song does a GREAT job of providing a blueprint you can use to not only bring awareness and revenue to your company's cause, but do it in the easiest and cost-effective way.

Let's jump into the strategies you can you use to maximize your philanthropic efforts:

Make it fun (for your potential donors/audience)

Beyonce and Meg did this perfectly by making an H-Town banger that EVERYONE will stream and get down to.

People always purchase to lift their mood.

Highlighting or leading with pain ('sob stories') is a tried and true strategy, however, Beyonce and Meg just showed us there can be another way.

Anyone smell a new twerk challenge?

Keep the costs low by skipping everything paid/premium

Instead, use free platforms like IG or Facebook or platforms you have an established presence on. Give the people what they want while letting all of the proceeds go to the people in need.

Social media in the COVID-19 era is especially where everyone hangs out. Even the folks with no social media.

Go that route instead of purchasing a landing page.  

Stick to what you know

You don't see Meg or Beyonce helping re-write legislation. They stuck to the script and created music. That's their wheelhouse and they rock at it.

How can you use what you know how to do and instead of keeping the profits, use it to help your cause?

Maybe you can make a mini-version of your product or host a donation-based virtual event?

Maybe you could release the first half of your e-book or record a donation-based podcast version of it?

Make sure you're engaging the appropriate media outlets or creating an easy marketing strategy

Meg and Beyonce's team know exactly where to go to get their target demographic's eyes on their content.

Do you?

Use outlets like The Shade Room (if that's where your demographic hangs out!) or niche Facebook groups like this one.

Reach out to influencers too! Which brings us to the next strategy Meg and Bey used.


Collaboration doubles your views and your donations!

Bring on a well-known face you have an affinity with and get started!

Send a DM, shoot your shot on Facebook or LinkedIn but don't be afraid to cold message potential collaborators to assist the causes you care about!

A simple:

Hi ____,

I came across your work via ____. I really appreciate your work in the world because ____.

I'd love to partner with you by ____. The proceeds will benefit XYZ cause. We believe this could be a great opportunity for us to (enter something mutually beneficial).

I look forward to hearing back, but if this isn't aligned with your goals at this time, we understand completely.

PHONE (don't be afraid to add your phone number here)

The name of the game is viral content

Capitalize on where TikTok is as a platform by posting your content there as often and as creatively as you can. This is the only platform out now where you can create a page and two days later, wake up with 10,000+ followers. Just ask Gary V.

Encourage users to interact with your content by using their sounds, hashtags and branding—something uniquely yours.

This could be a dance or an original sound.

Tap your Gen Z little cousin on the shoulder and ask them for ideas!

This is where your free advertising will come in. Don't skip this step.

Hide the cause in the purchase

It's not widely known that the proceeds from Meg and Bey's song are going to charity. They hid the cause in the cure.

Why don't you do the same?

Sell something people want while quietly using that revenue to be philanthropic. Don't make the cause the forefront. Create something people actually care about.

What's your biggest takeaway from Meg and Bey's new song and philanthropic efforts?

Comment below with the causes you're working on. We'd love to support or at the least, spread awareness.

P.S: Want to jam out to this song and support their cause? Stream it here or donate directly to the Bread of Life organization.