There is a point in every fashionista’s life where she applies for her first industry job or internship.  

You may be nervous and unsure of what to put on a resume if you’ve never had a job in the fashion industry before or if you are transferring from another field.  

If any of those sounds like you, we have some tips and tricks to help overcome this resume hurdle!

Take a little self inventory.

We all have skills, whether you taught yourself Photoshop or you are a naturally good listener. Do some self reflection and uncover your unique qualities and skills, and you are sure to have some resume material.  

Think about your hobbies: are you told you are a good writer or are you known for being up to date on trends?  Maybe you watch your younger siblings, there are plenty of skills that could require: responsibility, creativity, and/or patience.  Consider any volunteer work you have done.  

Try to think outside of the box, skills don’t just come from past job experiences.

Write a passionate cover letter.

To go along with your resume, you should write a cover letter that oozes passion and personality.  Try your best to show what you can bring to the job, but also show how much you want the job.  If you can strike a chord emotionally with the employer, you have more of a fighting chance.  

Someone who is truly passionate about the job is likely to give more effort than someone who is qualified and possibly less interested.  

Careful here not to mix passion with entitlement or whininess, and make sure to keep it positive.

Show your readiness to learn.

You may not have all of the skills the job requires now, but that does not mean you don’t want to or can’t learn them.  Internships are a chance to learn and get connected, so be open and if you’re asked about something you do not know yet, tell your employer you are open to learning more about it showing how willing you are to learn.  

Would you do the research in your spare time? Pick up an extra class?  

This can also show how dedicated and serious you are about the internship, which can look great to an employer.


Research what skills are necessary for the job, so you can have some sort of basic understanding of them at the very least.  This could put you ahead of other applicants, and shows you are self motivated and passionate.  Don’t go into your interview unprepared, or wing your resume, perfect it by knowing about the employer, the field, and the skills required.

You have the ability to get that fashion internship you want, especially after following these tips and tricks!  

Do your research and learn more about what skills stylists look for when hiring assistants or how to make the most of the internship once you’ve landed it after writing that great resume.


feature photo credit: Godisable Jacob from Pexels