Getting a handle on your mental health during a global pandemic is a tall order, let’s be clear.

However, feeling balanced, at peace, and positive is more important now than ever. Beyond making this experience a more bearable one, emotional and mental wellness improves your physical wellness.

Below is a shortlist of things you can do to establish and maintain a sense of mental wellness during this time:

Learn more about your employee assistance program (EAP)

If you're currently employed and ensured, investigate and find out if your insurance has an employee assistance program. This will get you connected with free or discounted mental health services.

Many providers are offering telemedicine appointments and you can speak with someone from the comfort of your home. Call the number on the back of your insurance card or visit your insurance provider's website to find out more. You can read more about EAP here.

Go outside. Every day.

Nature lifts your mood—even if you live in a major city. Taking a stroll up and down your block is enough to improve your mindset and comes with major health benefits.

Give yourself breaks

Whether you work for 25 minutes and take five minutes off or you schedule longer breaks at different increments throughout the day, remember that you need the mental break to step away from your emails, laptop, smart TV, tablet, phone, or gaming system and breathe.

Indulge your senses

Ground yourself during moments of sadness or anxiety by indulging your senses. Wrap yourself in a heavy blanket or comfortable hoodie. Light a candle, sage, or incense. Take in your surroundings. Listen to soothing sounds or focus on steady breathing and listen to your heartbeat. Find yourself in stillness.

Read a book

Reality can be a lot to handle sometimes. Pick up a new book and immerse yourself in another world. Reading is a way to engage your mind and imagine something new.

Practice silent meditation

Recenter your heart and mind and allow your body to experience stillness.

Connect with soul-filling friends

Being in isolation can create a psychological pain. Make a list of the people that always lift your spirits, and when you find yourself in a tough space, review the list and call someone. After the call, put a star next to their name. The next time you feel down, call someone else, and repeat. Over time, you'll be able to see and feel the closeness between you and your loved ones to keep the conversations rolling.

What are some tips you've been using to maintain your mental health? Drop them in the comments and let us know!